The Oregon Academy of Family Physicians supports family physicians in their pursuit of optimal health for the people of Oregon.


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CPC + -What it is and why it is important.
Oregon has applied to be one of 20 states/regions chosen by CMS for CPC+.   This 5 year program will build off the success of CPC.  If we are chosen (we will know Aug. 1), you will be hearing lots of information about the program, why your clinic should apply and how to apply.

This program is what we have been asking for – a public/private partnership that allows for coordination and alignment in payment methods and quality measures.

Click here for a brief overview of the program.

The AAFP is accepting nominations for their Commissions.  Commission members are appointed by the AAFP Board of Directors to deliberate on issues within their scope of work, referrals from within the AAFP, and new strategic ideas. Commissions then make recommendations to the Board regarding policy, development of new programs and projects, improvements to current activities, and potential discontinuation of activities.

OAFP members who have served on AAFP Commissions have found their time to be well spent and the and the experience worthwhile and interesting.

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Are you ready to receive better outcomes and increase your practice’s capacity? If so, please check out ORPRN’s “Healthy Hearts Northwest Project!”


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NEW MEDICARE CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT FEE – 42.00/per member per month!  The AAFP has published an excellent article titled “Chronic Care Management and Other New CPT Codes” which includes 4 tools to help implement this service in your practice. There is also an archived webinar which is very helpful.



Health is Primary!  Check out the new campaign to champion family physicians at the forefront of health reform.  This effort joins forces with employers, policymakers, community leaders and health advocates to build a primary care system that reflects the values of family medicine, puts patients at the center of their care, and improves the health of all Americans.

Need help with practice transformation?  Visit this AAFP resource!  Delta Exchange is now free to OAFP members.

Delta Exchange

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 The OAFP welcomes all physicians, members and patients of every color, language, ethnicity, origin, age, ability, sexual orientation, gender expression, marital status, and life situation.  Our intention is to provide excellent care to all citizens of Oregon.  We understand that members of the above listed communities have unique health care challenges and to this end we support ongoing education that directly addresses of health related issues of each of these communities.