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Cool tool for helping families manage screentime for children!



In the Spring 2015 issue of the OAFP magazine, Dr. Keith White wrote an article entitled, A Chronic Pain Management Journey and referred to two tools that may be helpful to others working with this patient population — “Chronic Pain Questionnaire” and the “The Opiate Pain Treatment Journey Patient Notice.” Feel free to incorporate these tools into your practice.

Have some of your patients been assigned the wrong CCO?

Here is a point of care solution.  Thanks to the OAFP and lots of other advocates, there is now a  form that you and your patient fill out, fax or e-mail to OHA and the CCO is switched within the week.  Follow this link for the form and instructions.

UPDATE:  The system has been overwhelmed with the volume of these requests.  New Instructions Below:

  • If a patient needs to change the CCO to obtain same-day urgent or emergent appointments, please encourage the patient to contact directly OHA’s Client Services Unit at  1-800-273-0557.  Call waiting times are down to 15 min.
  • If you are  following up on a Provider CCO Request Change Form that has been submitted, please e-mail:

Health Reform Update – tools, resources, latest developments

NEW LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM – The State of Oregon has committed 4 million dollars for loan repayment over the next 2 years.  Click here for more information.

Confused about the different Loan Repayment Programs in Oregon?  Click here for a handy summary comparing the State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), the new Medicaid Primary Care Loan Repayment Program and National Health Service Corps.


How much does it cost your clinic to maintain your PCPCH level of care?  You need to know this as you negotiate with your CCO.  Here is a tool you can use to figure out the costs for your clinic.

Transforming your office to a Patient Centered Primary Care Home?  Tap into the resources of the PCPC Institute.  They offer free webinars and other technical assistance.

Are you interested in Pain Mangement CME or help in dealing with your over weight and obese patients?  New resources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Obesity Action Coalition can help!

Providing a Framework for Crisis Health Care                                                         
In a public health crisis, healthcare resources may be overwhelmed. Hospitals and other buildings may be damaged. Healthcare workers may be dead, ill, or injured. At the same time, many in the community would be ill or injured and would need care. There would be a surge in the need for medical care. A public health crisis like this would be a great challenge to the healthcare community and the people of Oregon. To be ready, we need to plan for it now.

People from around the state worked together to develop the Oregon Crisis Care Guidance. It outlines efficient ways to provide health care in a crisis. This could help save many people who might not otherwise survive. People from many backgrounds helped develop the guidance. Some were nurses, physicians, or emergency medical staff. Some were hospital administrators or emergency managers. Others were experts in public health, law, or ethics. Together, they developed a plan to provide care in an effective, just, and compassionate way.

This guidance is a living document. It will change as we learn.




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Family Medicine in the Community:

SLSM pictureVolunteer to participate in our Saving Lives/Saving Money campaign.  We have a PowerPoint presentation  explaining the current problems with America’s health care system and why an emphasis on primary care is so important.  We provide training sessions (it is very easy to do) and we willl set you up with a speaking opportunity convenient for you.  This is our 5th year for this campaign and we have had overwhelmingly positive reviews.  It turns out that people would rather hear about the health care system from a doctor than a politian or the media. Contact us for more information.

Every year, medical students and family physicians partner with the OAFP Foundation to provide the Tar Wars Tobacco Education Program by presenting about the hazards of tobacco to 5th grade students around the state. Contact us to join this year’s program.


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The OAFP All Member Congress

The OAFP Congress is the legislative body of the Academy, and approves and amends actions suggested by OAFP members. Any  OAFP member in good standing can be a member of the Congress, which meets during the Spring CME Weekend in April.

Have a Suggestion for the OAFP?

Do you have a suggestion for a project the OAFP should support or initiate? Simply propose a resolution to the OAFP Member Congress.  Contact us for more information about submitting a resolution.

Other Resources your Colleagues Find Useful:

  • Nutrition Heart: A nonprofit, noncommercial website with information regarding a low sodium diet, the DASH diet, and the Mediterranean diet, including videos, handouts, and background scientific information:
  • 23 1/2 hours: An informative and fun video about the importance of exercise: