Resources for Members

View the Resolutions and Bylaws changes we will be debating at the Congress of Members on Friday, April 25th.  The Congress is part of our Annual Spring CME Weekend.  Please join us (you don’t have to attend the rest of the conference) to debate these issues, learn about the activities of the OAFP and help set the course of action for the next year.

(Learn more about becoming a member.)

Looking for an OAFP member?   Click here for a membership list, sorted by city. This list is updated weekly and provides the name of each OAFP member.

Searching for contact information?  Click here to get complete contact information for all AAFP members throughout Oregon and across the United States.


Health Reform Update – tools, resources, latest developments

NEW LOAN REPAYMENT PROGRAM – The State of Oregon has committed 4 million dollars for loan repayment over the next 2 years.  Click here for more information.

Confused about the different Loan Repayment Programs in Oregon?  Click here for a handy summary comparing the State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP), the new Medicaid Primary Care Loan Repayment Program and National Health Service Corps.


How much does it cost your clinic to maintain your PCPCH level of care?  You need to know this as you negotiate with your CCO.  Here is a tool you can use to figure out the costs for your clinic.

Transforming your office to a Patient Centered Primary Care Home?  Tap into the resources of the PCPC Institute.  They offer free webinars and other technical assistance.

Are you interested in Pain Mangement CME or help in dealing with your over weight and obese patients?  New resources from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the Obesity Action Coalition can help!

The Board of Directors is recommending some changes to our Bylaws.  In addition to some minor adjustments, there are 2 substantial changes.  The first is to eliminate contested elections, the other is to change the quorum requirements for the Congress of Members.  Please view the proposed changes here.

The Nominating Committee presents the slate of candidates for the OAFP Board of Directors.  Watch for your ballots in the mail.

President – Elizabeth (Liz) Powers, MD (Enterprise)

President Elect – Lisa Dodson, MD (Portland)

Vice President – Daniel Paulson, MD (Springfield)

Secretary – Kevin Johnston, MD (Burns)


David Abdun-Nur, MD (Grants Pass)

Heidi Beery, MD (Roseburg)

Robyn Liu, MD (Portland)

Nathalie Jacqmotte, MD (Portland)



Check out the latest issue of the OAFP magazine.



Join us at an upcoming event. 



Family Medicine in the Community:

SLSM pictureVolunteer to participate in our Saving Lives/Saving Money campaign.  We have a PowerPoint presentation  explaining the current problems with America’s health care system and why an emphasis on primary care is so important.  We provide training sessions (it is very easy to do) and we willl set you up with a speaking opportunity convenient for you.  This is our 5th year for this campaign and we have had overwhelmingly positive reviews.  It turns out that people would rather hear about the health care system from a doctor than a politian or the media. Contact us for more information.

Every year, medical students and family physicians partner with the OAFP Foundation to provide the Tar Wars Tobacco Education Program by presenting about the hazards of tobacco to 5th grade students around the state. Contact us to join this year’s program.


View your Continuing Medical Education record or report new credits.


ShareCenter helps members learn from each other:

  • Which other practices use the same EMR system as you do?
  • How are other family physicians preparing for Coordinated Care Organizations?

The answer to these and many other questions can be found on Share Center, a new on-line social networking tool for only OAFP members. Check it out today!


The OAFP All Member Congress

The OAFP Congress is the legislative body of the Academy, and approves and amends actions suggested by OAFP members. Any  OAFP member in good standing can be a member of the Congress, which meets during the Spring CME Weekend in April.

View the 2014 Resolutions here.   Contact us if you have any questions about the Congress.


Have a Suggestion for the OAFP?

Do you have a suggestion for a project the OAFP should support or initiate? Simply propose a resolution to the OAFP Member Congress.  Contact us for more information about submitting a resolution.


Other Resources your Colleagues Find Useful:

  • Nutrition Heart: A nonprofit, noncommercial website with information regarding a low sodium diet, the DASH diet, and the Mediterranean diet, including videos, handouts, and background scientific information:
  • 23 1/2 hours: An informative and fun video about the importance of exercise: