Each year the OAFP chooses from among its members an Oregon Family Doctor of the Year. Those who win are usually very surprised to see the amount of admiration and support they receive from their communities. The award is presented at our Annual Spring Family Medicine Weekend.


Nominate a family physician

Doctors may be nominated by their colleagues, or community or family members. If you have someone you would like to nominate, please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can determine whether or not your nominee is an OAFP member. We can then discuss with you the nomination categories (colleagues, patients, community leaders, friends, students or residents) and the minimum number of nominations we require in each category to lend weight to the nomination packet.

Please email us copies of the 2018 Doctor of the Year Nomination Form by January 15, 2018.  The Oregon Family Doctor of the Year will be announced on April 14, 2018 at the Portland Embassy Suites Hotel during the celebration luncheon.


Past Family Doctors of the Year

  • 2017 Dan Paulson, MD, Springfield
  • 2016 Kristen Dillon, MD, Hood River
  • 2015 David Gilmour, MD, Central Point
  • 2014 Jon Schott, MD, Baker City
  • 2013 John Saultz, MD, Portland
  • 2012 Norman Castillo, DO, Corvallis
  • 2011 James Calvert, MD, Klamath Falls
  • 2010 Bonnie Reagan, MD, Portland
  • 2009 Lisa Dodson, MD, Portland
  • 2008 Bob Holland, MD John Day
  • 2007 Mark Valenti, MD Redmond
  • 2006 Keith White, MD Independence
  • 2005 L.J. Fagnan, MD Portland
  • 2004 Bruce Byram, MD Philomath
  • 2003 Robert Hakala, MD Bend
  • 2002 Tom Hoggard, MD Portland
  • 2001 Bruce Thomson, MD Corvallis
  • 2000 Lance Loberg, MD Salem
  • 1999 Robbie Law, MD Reedsport
  • 1998 James Sinnott, MD Coquille
  • 1997 John Crocker, MD Reedsport
  • 1996 Mark Rampton, MD Corvallis
  • 1995 David Mata, MD Woodburn
  • 1994 Lowell Euhus, MD Enterprise
  • 1993 David Cutsforth, MD Philomath
  • 1992 Bob Bomengen, MD Lakeview
  • 1991 Merle Pennington, MD Tualatin
  • 1990 Richard Wopat, MD Lebanon
  • 1989 Rickard McLean, MD Reedsport
  • 1988 Willis Irvine, MD Portland
  • 1987 Carlos Kemper, MD Madras
  • 1986 David Grube, MD Philomath
  • 1985 Donald Jeppesen, MD Roseburg
  • 1984 Marvin John, MD Hermiston
  • 1983 Dorin Daniels, MD Ontario
  • 1982 Raymond Reichle, MD Portland
  • 1981 Donald McGeary, MD Medford
  • 1980 Bill Ferguson, MD Hillsboro